Wednesday, September 01, 2010


for the past couple nights i've been reading charlotte a little poem about a butterfly ....
something like,

butterfly on my shoulder,
never does it stay
touches me on the shoulder,
then it flies away.

she likes when i touch her on the shoulder with my "butterfly" (aka hand) and then make it fly away.
she giggles and says, "no mommy!" and squeals... and then i saw THIS dress today, and i know exactly how she feels. holy cow is that awesome. not usually does a frock make me stop and takes my breath away, but this sure did. instead of more cowbell, i need more butterfly.


Mrs. Maria said...

It's so beautiful. What's the name of the book? Funny thing, I hardly every see butterflies. Today I saw 2... they make me so happy. That dress is just WOW! Where did you see it?

Cherrill said...

I actually gasped when I saw that dress. Beautiful!