Saturday, September 11, 2010

some call it lazy

i call it getting more sleep. some call it dirty, but i call it preserving my
natural oils. plus, it's pretty evil to dry your hair every morning, to put it under all that stress. i must let every girl (yes all 3 of you) that read my blog in on a little secret... oscar blandi dry shampoo. did i even spell that right? not sure. now that my hair is pretty much almost to my waist (i exaggerate) BUT IT'S PRETTY DARN LONG... i can't be bothered to dry it every morning. it makes me crazy. my mom always said that my hair was thin (probably compared to my sister's it is) but it's pretty thick actually. and takes about, 20 minutes to a half hour to dry completely even with my new ionic hair dryer. SO. i discovered this amazing product, oscar blandi dry shampoo! i see that tresseme has a new line out now too (of course RIGHT after i buy the expensive stuff but i digress...) i am a true believer. i love it. it's the BOMB. i used it today and usually if i didn't wash my hair, i would feel like a dirty greaseball. with this stuff, it literally shakes the dirt, sucks up the oil and makes you smell great! i tried the little trial size bottle and i cannot say enough about it. (bought it at sephora) if you're lazy like me, invest.


Melissa said...

You got the spray one? I have the powder, but I was wondering if the spray would be easier to apply.

Amanda said...

I bought this awhile back, twice! But everytime the sprayer thing got clogged and i had to throw it away. I do have the tresemme one now, and I'm not so impressed. I too enjoy my sleep much more than 1/2 hour of drying/straightening hair.