Saturday, October 30, 2010

i'm going to read these books...

although i don't know when. but i'm going to. maybe i'll  make some time at they gym, or i'll take a lunchbreak and read these in the car. either way, they (all 3) WILL get read. unless they are worthless. i've been looking into the best way to try to make some money on charlotte's college savings. so far, (and 40 min of my life almost wasted) i realized that i probably need to put her college and wedding savings into some high yeild APY CD's. i know this is maybe crazy to some because you cannot access they money without penalty withdrawls, but to me, it *almost makes perfect sense. and even more important? i need a CD high interest rate ladder. to compound and combine CD's into my portfolio and earn the maximum i can on the money we save... i'm excited to learn how to become a "thousand - aire"  in the process i want to learn some sneaky tips to sell real estate so i'm on a warpath here!

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