Friday, October 15, 2010

it is with great sadness...

that i announce to you all (3 or 4 readers) that lottie is growing into a big girl bed. and yet, she cannot master potty training. although, on tuesday, she got an old mcdonald's toy from 2007 because she peed on the potty at daycare. ms. shannon said that she does better when she wears pull ups. awesome. because i'm not sure if costco carries those in bulk. BOO.
but i digress. my mother bought her an amazing bedframe (which she fancied up- yes all us bender womens are crafty) and also bought her matress and boxspring. and tonight.. yes, tonight i bought her comforter and her sham. WITH MUCH intrepidation. you see, i believe that your bedroom is a sanctuary. which means NO disney princesses, or loud screaming characters or colors. even if you are 2, you need a sanctuary. i don't think i'm being a monster, or a visual dominatrix, but i do believe that my house is MY house. and her bedroom will accomodate me as such. i don't even really know what the heck that means.... but i do know that we had no stupid circus animals or winnie the pooh ANYTHING incorporated into her baby bedding, so why would i start now. and it's for MY sanity. i pay the bills. (ok, WE pay the bills) and i'm not staring at baby eyeore when i am reading "love you forever" or "hug time." i'm just NOT.
so...... when i saw one of my FAVORITE bedding sets on the best site ever, i knew it was for us. erm.. HER.

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Cherrill said...

Love, love, LOVE that bedding! Anneka's been in her big bed for almost 2 months, and she loves it :)

I agree about the Disney characters. Having a kid's room doesn't mean it has to look like a toy factory. Besides, she changes her "favourites" about every 5 minutes.