Saturday, December 04, 2010

and what a year it's been...

some more things about you... you are so smart. you're brilliant. the things you come up with....

a: you LOVE sean kingston's "letting go" song - and when it comes on the radio, you're immersed... you think he's saying "ducky ducky duck duck!" and you want the "DUCKY song!"

b: you love everything you see on tv. including this stupid stuff and you love any doll with long beautiful hair... beacause "i'm pretty and mommy's pretty too!" you love hair. i have long hair right now and you love pulling it and making me crazy! but i love you to death for it. i find myself trying to trick you into playing with my hair like my mom used to do, but you have no idea of the value of a dollar. my mom used to tempt us into playing, braiding, teasing her hair for a buck and i would wonder why!? ...and i'd love to touch it, and braid it and do whatever she wanted, but little did i know it was probably because she was exhausted from a long day of work, and that felt SO good.

c: i love singing in the car. you hate me singing in the car. alTHOUGH sometimes you tolerate my horrible voice. well yesterday morning you told me, "Mama.. KNOCK IT OFF!" -wow, love you too! :) i guess i offend. although on the off day that you are cool with our morning routine, you laugh and giggle your way through our drive to your "school" and we have the BEST time.

d: you say "i love you too" now when going to bed. i have to write this because you are the BEST sleeper EVER. seriously. i never had a problem with you. you were never a "problem" infant and i never understood what people meant when they said their infant kept them up all night by crying... my breast bedside was your comfort then, but now i have no idea what carries you on to be such an amazing sleeper. you blow kisses, it's insane. i love you.

e: you are so smart. i mean it. ms. shannon at daycare gave you some play-doh for doing great on the potty, and i taught you how to flatten it and take your dollar store barrettes and "make a print" into it. you are SO into doing that. i love that you get it. i love that you are so into it that you dont even want me to show you how to do it and you just want to take over. you're a born leader. i really think you are.

f: you want to dress like mommy. if i'm wearing something you deem "prettier" - it's pretty much over. i have to coordinate our outfits.. ie: skirts with dresses, dresses with skirts and the like. you are a fashionista! while this can be annoying at 6:45 am... it's amusing when i think abt i later. :)

charlotte, i love you. i love you so much it hurts. i want you to be a kid that always knows this. i wish i had more time to spend with you, but your smarts and skillz are coming along quite nicely, and i am amazed with what you've accomplished so far.


- mama

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