Monday, February 21, 2011

i cant imagine

a world without chocolate

a day without my daughter's voice

what it would be like to feel hungry all the time

the sadness of not being able to get pregnant

constantly playing victim because i was unsatisfied with myself

being stuck in a life i hated

looking back at my life wondering what i accomplished and not knowing

keeping toxic people in my life because i was afraid to let them go

my husband not wanting to spoon me every night

my husband not being the most solid rock of a guy i ever knew

living in a state where there are only 1 or 2 seasons

living in a country where you can make almost anything possible

my true friends not rushing to tell me when something amazing or awful happens

being as financially unaware as i used to be

not taking responsibility or passing it off on somebody else's shoulders

why people get so angry in public

working all the time because i don't want to be around my family

constantly chasing material things

i feel so lucky


Melissa said...

Gawd I love material things! :)

devon spec said...

you love them, you don't chase them... theres a diff! ;)