Thursday, March 17, 2011

how to let go

only God knows how i went from being the teenager who left sandwiches and popsicle sticks under her bed to a full blown clutter-phobe.
maybe it's because we live in a sweet little house and there is not a whole lot of room and 1 thing out of place causes the whole feng off.

but then, then you have children. and with children (little girls anyway), comes little barrettes, little shoes, little bracelets, little this and little that. and they are EVERYWHERE.
and they mock me. i stabbed the bottom of my foot this morning with (what else?!) a purple diamond ring that came in a donut from wal-mart.

little little little. how can i let go short of taking prozac and just go with it? my steps are this....

1. throw away what we don't need. seriously. nobody plugs a phone into a wall anymore. why do we have that? (GONE) extra computer keyboard? sayonara sucker.

2. teach charlotte that she needs to clean up her toys. the sooner she gets that there's a place for everything and everything in it's place, the better off in life she'll be. nobody wants that college roommate that thinks the corner of the room up to the ceiling qualifies as a hamper.

3. stop buying clothes. (which i've been SUPER good at lately except with my growing belly, i am looking like a fat guy in a little coat somedays) and charlotte's clothes are out of control. considering she has 3,000,000,000 pieces of tops, bottoms, dresses and her stamp of approval only applies to about 3 dresses and 2 pairs of tights, this is such a waste. we literally fight in the mornings over what she wears and she's not even 3 yet. i calmly remind her she's not gizelle and she uncalmly kicks me in the va-jay-jay.

4. let everybody know that they don't need to buy anything crazy or big for the new baby. if it's a boy i doubt he'll have a gender crisis because i swaddled him in a pink blankie. although if he would happen to turn out feminine, i'm sure it will be my fault.

5. learn how to ask my husband to pick up his dish or whatever is laying in the hallway blocking us from hallway access in a way that tricks him into thinking it was his idea. (still not sure how to do that one)

6. realize that "the house beautiful is play lousy"- dorothy parker.
seriously though, which one looks like more fun!? :) i get you dorothy. i get you girl.

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Cherrill said...

Holy cow! I don't check in for a few weeks and looky at all the posts!

If you figure out #5, please let me know.