Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i can't lay on my back... i can't lay on my front

so, side it is. my lower back is killing me. the kicking is getting harder/more intense. this baby is a night owl. i guess this is real. i guess it's coming! *kick* ya-i just felt you! i feel like a moose and i'm only abt 25 weeks.

i've been annoyed lately at how people romanticise kids and pregnancy in general. it's not "gorgeous" or "beautiful." it is annoying and it is hard work. it's uncomfortable and it sucks. i like that the girls at work ask me questions about it because they know i won't lie to them and act like i'm superior for having gone through/going through something that they have yet to go through. i'll tell them that i pee myself sometimes when i laugh. i'm looser. i cannot help it. i don't see it as "battle marks" - i see it as something that kinda ruined my body. i tell them how when you breastfeed, your womb contracts and you gush blood with every suck. don't get me wrong, i like the shock of their faces. but i'm telling them the truth.

now that i'm only a few months away from the madness that was my life 3 years ago, i'm getting a little nervous. in a few weeks we're going to myrtle beach for a family vacation, just the 3 of us before we're "just the 4 of us." i can't wait. i think i need to try to forget life, work, problems, etc. exist so i can just enjoy US. usually i'm running around, working, cleaning up, doing this or that and i feel like, where did those 3 years GO? it's sad but it's life and i know everybody gets those feelings that it just flew by too quickly...

i haven't even bought anything yet for this baby. i got him a going home outfit from wal-mart... but i just can't get into it so far! i do think, however, that i need a woombie donut. this thing looks AWESOME. and since the 2nd nursery is tiny tiny tiny.... no room for furniture. i could tuck it under the crib and open it up on the floor when a diaper change is needed. but 70 bucks? eh. i think i need it. :)

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