Thursday, May 05, 2011

Ten years ago today....

Ten years ago today,
I saw you standing there
I wasn't sure who you were
I'm not quite sure I cared

I was tending to my wounds
Each still fragile to the core
Still desolate on the inside
Craving forevermore

I fell so hard and deeply
Later that same eve
He truly was not for me
His misuse had no reprieve

Advancing 3 years forward
Something overtook me by alarm
My heart had become pliable
My soul felt free from harm

Through the darkness of the unknown
I followed you in stride
Heart keeping measure with yours
Jubilant as your bride

Through the humble genesis
Our house became a home
Life slowly fell into rhythm
Casting out our unknown

Thriving upon each others strengths
We cultivated love
God sent us down the greatest gift
An infant from above

Now as I sit here feeling tiny kicks
As they come and go away
I think about how far we've come
Since ten years ago today

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