Friday, July 15, 2011

you are 3 and i'm knocked up...

basically that sums it up.

you've moved to the pre-school room. you LOVE it. you're doing faaabulous there except for that 1 kid you apparently kicked in the eye yesterday but i feel that was an emotional fluke. we all have days like that. you're learning colors and making new friends (and phrases like, "you got it dude!") and SEVERAL others i can't even think of right now, but each time you bust one out i have to laugh.

it's great, i can bribe you now that you're 3. i got the BEST pictures from a groupon - i promised you that if you smiled we'd go to build a bear. you have NO idea what build a bear is but you were SO excited. double win.

you are SO funny. the other night, daddy went in your room and covered you up like he always does before he leaves and you were a little bit awake. he said, "go back to sleep, i love you!" and you said, "can i have a pahsicle?" (popsicle) and he said, "not now, maybe when you wake up, i love you!" and you said, "i always love.... pahsicles...." and don't you know the FIRST thing you asked me for in the morning at 7am was a purple pahsicle.

you hate ranch dressing and ketchup.

you love spongebob and bubble guppies... and bubbles in general!

you finally love your quad, but need a bigger one! you LOVE riding on daddy's big quad in between me, him with colton pressing into your little back.

you LOVE the ocean. (you swear you do but i think you don't remember how badly the waves scared you) on the wall at preschool, you colored a beach ball because you're all learning about the beach, and it says "charlotte loves collecting shells at the beach." do you know how proud i felt that i saved for over a year to take us on a trip to myrtle beach - all cash and saved for over TWO years to get us a decent vehicle to get us there? you inspire me to do great things and make your time on earth fun and important.

well i'm a little off since your 3rd birthday was in april, but i felt compelled to tell you (almost 4 months late) how much i love you and how amazing i think you are. i love when i hear your excited little voice say "mommy mommy!!!" when i pick you up and i feel the same way. i'm so glad you're mine.


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