Wednesday, November 16, 2011

back into the swing of things

i blogged nada my whole 3 months off. i cannot believe it! partially due to the fact i was a mess and busy as hell, partially due to the fact our computer died.
i'm back at work, the kids go back to daycare this thursday. yesterday at work was interesting. trying to get back into it was a little hairy. after about 5 hours, my fingers started to magically remember key commands and my brain started to wake up and remember where everything was and how we do things here. i cried a lot monday, my emotions were all over the place but now i'm feeling more in control. i've come to realize... i'm a control freak. i never EVER used to be this way. i have to control every detail of my life and i leave nothing to change, or up to anybody else. this in a lot of ways is good but in lots of ways, NOT so good. like how craig is used to me doing everything for him, and when i ask him to do something he looks at me like i'm crazy. oh he'll DO it, he's just not used to me asking for help. i know i cannot do it all though and i think that fact along with the fact that now that we are a 4-some will calm me down some. gonna have to let go and just let life flow. even with a dirty floor.

on another note, guess what!? we are going on the gateway clipper for craig's xmas party! i got this little anne klein number and it fits so comfy and makes me feel really pretty. date night, here we come!

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