Monday, January 30, 2012

my little typographer

i don't think i knew how to write my name until the 1st grade. she's 3. in fact i KNOW i didn't know how to write my name until the first grade because i was traumatized.

my 1st grade teacher had our names written on a cute piece of paper that went across the top of our desks so we could look at it and cheat when we needed to write our names on our tests, etc. and when we had learned how, and didn't need that cheat sheet anymore, we took it up to her, so she could throw it away and we got a prize. (necco wafers) a BIG pack too. not the little ones.

well, imagine my mortification of realizing that it was down to me and one other student who still hadn't mastered the skill. and SHE was GETTING UP to go to claim her prize. i instinctively grabbed mine off my desk, and took it up and proudly accepted a present i didn't deserve. i remember panicking and thinking, "what will i do when i have to write my name?"

so... what DID i do when test time came?  i drew a girl with pigtails of course.

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