Thursday, May 17, 2012

our first candid family photo shoot

the lovely and talented candace of "eye candy" photography is going to be shooting my family's first outdoor "on location" photo shoot. i'm pretty psyched and i even made a mood board of the outfits we will all be wearing. i've always liked gray with baby blue/yellow but this is my first time coordinating our outfits and i don't want it to look TOO staged. i tend to obsess about these types of things and really want them to come out amazing. my first thought is that the colors might be too washed out but i don't want us in things that we don't feel comfortable in either. plus, my husband isn't really a crazy color guy and i'm lucky that our dining room is orange. so i tried to be sensitive to his needs. ;) i wanted to play upon some things we already had, like shorts/shoes and most of charlotte's outfit to offset the cost of being matchy, match-ish. the shoot is next month! stay tuned.

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