Wednesday, July 11, 2012

am i... why yes i am!

i am reading again! 2 kids, and basically 5 years later, i've finally figured out a convenient way to read. my new kindle fire! it basically started out with me thinking that i needed a treat for getting my new art director position... but it've proved to be so much more than "novel." i've, of course, started slow. i'm basically reading some brain candy books. at the end of the day, after the kids are in bed, i just want to turn off. 

i enjoy reading on this SO MUCH. i never, ever thought i would. i can toggle between my book, to facebook, to words with friends seamlessly and i love that. you also get 5 gigs of space on an amazon cloud to do whatever you want with. i have all my music backed up, which is pretty sweet. craig especially loves the night reading mode so my bedside lamp can be off and he can sleep better. the downside? i want to buy all kinds of books now. and apps. and movies. and tv shows. 

i'm going back and forth between the hunger games, and 50 shades of grey. like i said, brain candy for sure! maybe i'll work up to war and peace. (maybe not.)

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