Tuesday, October 19, 2004

tae bo-n-fresh sneaks.

so, i've ordered an advanced tae-bo tape. i'm not the type of person to get caught up in the hype of "buy THIS and LOSE 50 lbs in one month!!!!!!" --which is good, because if that actually worked, i'd weigh about 78 lbs. that is no good for my height. :D i'd look like mary kate, then everybody would be sporting "save devie b" shirts. i digress.

i'm going to start my ass kicking very shortly here. it should come tomorrow.

oh ya craig.. you laughed about me only being able to bench press 44 lbs?? oh YA!? let's see who's laughing when i single handedly am able to take you down with one swoop of my massively ripped upper bifibula muscle. .... or something.

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