Monday, October 18, 2004

walkin' for the cause.

saturday was the day we walked for my pap. i am so greatful to everybody who donated money. :D

unfortunately, we got rained out. but, we all came together as a family, and it was pretty cool. what was not cool was getting pelted in the eyeballs by raindrops while trying to stay positive! i was freezing. it was even worse for craig,who had a nasty cold, and didn't complain once. i hope he doesn't get pneumonia. :X next year i want to make "team bender" shirts for us. that would be cool.

afterwards, we went to my parents house and watched some amish chick make a tea kettle. hooooow interesting.

then it was off to the buffet with the whole family. we couldn't all sit together, but it was still alright.... i get way nervous in those situations. it's so strange how everybody walks around in a zombie like trance, searching for shrimp, steak, whatever they feel like.... i usually just want to get my food and sit down. i only went up twice, once for soup and salad, the next for candy corn!!!! now THAT is a great idea, candy corn at a buffet. i stuffed my purse pocket with a bunch of it. after all, soup and salad hardly costs nine dollars.... they owed me.

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