Wednesday, December 15, 2004

fun night!

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here's a pic of me and craig's gorgeous sister ali. (craig got me the jacket, what a man!) ;) anywho. we met ali out with her fiancé jason for dinner and drinks last friday. dinner was GREAT. we ate a little place they suggested in moon township and the atmosphere and conversation was awesome. we never really did the "adult" thing and ate out with them before. ali, jason and i are all graphic designers so a portion of the night was spent talking about work stories and stuff craig didn't really probably care about!!! it was a tad awkward, but i accidentally dropped the f-bomb, and then it was smooth sailing. ali and i are very similar and i'm glad she's such a cool chick because i don't mind hanging out with them at all! i think actually that we'd be friends, had i never met craig, and then i could've been one of her many friends that lusted after her big brother. that seems to be the trend. after the dinner we decided to go over to the bar side and sit awhile, it was like a college frat party over there, minus the girls! too wierd.... anyway we went and sat (after i charmed us into a getting a table ;) men are so weak after a few beers - just had to make sure craig was standing as far away as possible-haha!
we were overcome by bar smoke, so ended up sitting at a quiet little table, and talking about everything from car wrecks to leg warmers. there was a drunk guy in the corner totally singing every song i think he ever heard so, that was our cue to leave. this is me and ali in the parking lot. we'll have to do this again!


Mary said...

hahahaha.. singing drunks are funny! You know all those dumb things they make that sing when the motion sensors go off. They should have a singing drunk guy. When you clap he's slurring the words "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let me know..."

Melissa said...

You know what's even funnier than a drunk guy singing? A drunk guy playing air guitar. At a concert last year this guy in front of us was violently playing air guitar as if he were really in the band. Creepy!!!

By the way, love Ash's book! I can never seem to get my pages in right. I need hurry up and make one so I can do a book swap with her to see one of her masterpieces up close and personal.

Oh yeah, nice jacket! :-)