Monday, December 20, 2004



so, saturday was craig's office party. we had a great time. it was the first time we have ever slow danced together. i think craig was a little nervous, but he did great. i loved it! they placed my parent's wedding song "color my world" -so that was pretty neat.we got a hotel room at the marriot, which is where it took place, so it was nice to not have to worry about driving home, and the weather, etc. the room was amazing, and there were like, 7 fluffy pillows on our bed! it ruled. the first thing i did was jump on them!! :D craig's suit was a little tight, he didn't realize he had gained a lil' muscle since last year from lifting all year, and had to keep his pants unbuttoned most of the night,... especially after all our good food. the chocolate cake was amazing!!!! it was my favorite part of the meal. everybody was so nice, and we were much more comfortable this year, because craig knew more people. it was so cute the way all his buddies teased him and carried on. ;) and he works with one lady named tiny, (she's in the gray dress in the pics) and she is just the CUTEST thing ever. i like her so much.
but, then we were back to our classless selves (see bottom left! haha) around 11 at night. we just played around with his digital camera and he gave me the supermodel "pout" sorry if anybody is grossed out by seeing up our noses. and mom, sorry you can't see my fabulous shoes all that well. i'll bring em' home with me. :)
the next morning we went to lunch at smokey bones and it was SO amazing. i had pulled pork and asparagus. if anybody gets a chance to go, i highly recommend it. it ended a great experience. OH! and if anybody gets a chance to see "spanglish" it was a really thought provoking movie. we went to see it yesterday and then came home and i crashed hard.ahhh.... great weekend.


Mary said...

Cool dress! Looks like fun! :) My x-mas party wasn't nearly as fancy-fied :)
No pictures either. I guess I would have taken pictures if I was dressed so nicely! :)

I need to be postin' more pictures myself. Maybe this afternoon.... :)

Go Kayak said...

You guys look gorgeous and cute as usual! Sounds like a blast! Slow dance, huh? Chris and I haven't done that yet...

Annie said...

Awww! Devon you look so pretty! You guys definitely make a good lookin' couple. Glad the event was a good time.

Melissa said...

Lookie at you, you hottie boombalottie!!! I'll bet Craig was thrilled to have you on his arm that night! :-) You guys are so adorable! Seeing up your noses reminds me a lot of me and Rob. Most of our pictures are of him licking my face or me making fish faces!

Hey, is Craig going to come to Chicago with you??? Rob's going to come with me for the free hotel room and entertain himself in the city while I'm at the conference. You should bring your little shnookems so we can all meet him! :-)