Monday, December 27, 2004

twas the night before x-mas..

twas the night before x-mas..

twas the night before x-mas..

and mom's dog bay bay tore through every freakin package left on the floor :) that doesn't rhyme. that's ok, craig and i cleaned it up. well, another x-mas down. and much lootage was accumulated. let's see...
1. fajita maker
2. television for makeshift gym ;)
3. automatic car STARTER!!! *yes*
4. numerous sweaters
5. floor heater *ahhhh- the gift of heat!)
6. candles, misc body lotions, etc.
7. toilet paper *don't ask*
8. a few "re-gifted" things
9. candy, tea, illustrated cat calendar
10.much other stuff that is cool. :)
so, i guess i was good. santa still has to come visit wednesday to give eras and sophie their gifts.
friday we went to midnight mass at 10 *so it's really not midnight mass* and then off to gram b's for cookies and presents. then we got home around 1 am and had a few x-mas eve drinks and opened all our presents. as you can see, craig got the gift of looking like a backstreet boy from my mom. haha! it's cute i think. we went to bed around 3:30 am and craig and i had to be up around 8 to pick his grandma up to go to brunch at his parent's house. it was so good! we then went to his aunt eileen's. the whole family was there. it was a bit awkward seeing as how mike was there. but, i really honestly could care less. i had a great time! their cousin david got a new puppy (see collage!) and i held savanah for awhile and she fell asleep in my lap. :) craig's uncle made me the new lonestar cd and it's great too. so, i see that they've all embraced me which means the world to me. but, i'm likeable! and, it' wasn't me who was in the wrong either. however, going was a bit nerve wracking. i had a glass of port wine before we went. it only conceded in making me more paranoid. but, once the shaking stopped...
but, back home again. i can't wait until wednesday. my parents and craig are coming up and we're all going out to dinner w/ my best friend amy and her fiance at applebees. all i have to say is TGIF.... i really need to find a good appetizer recipe for friday's party. if any ladies reading this have one, i'm more than open to suggestions... (lisa, mel.... mary...)
OH! and the gun is NOT mine. it's craig's prized x-mas present. he's shooting it today, we'll see how that goes. it's a ceska zbrojovka. i guess it was used in the 1950's in russia for law enforcement.


Go Kayak said...

Hey You! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I'm out on vacation this week and have been away from the computer. I've got a couple of recipes for you. I'll email them to you later today...quick and easy and yummy!

devon said...


lookin' forward to those lisa ;)

Melissa said...

Share the wealth! I want recipes too! Plus, I love appetizers....yummy!!!! Devon, wanna cook for all of us??? :-) Your main course can be fajitas!

Oooh, and automatic car starter! I have one of those, and his name is Rob! He's also an automatic ice scraper and snow shoveler. Teehee! The only down side is I have to keep him well-fed and he only recharges by watching hours of sports.

So, still no ring on that list. Maybe next year, maybe next year. :-)

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