Monday, January 03, 2005

back to reality.... pfffttthhhtttt....


aw man. was this ever a GREAT week. so much went on. and we had FRIDAY OFF! which was awesome.
and craig got to stay almost a whole week with me. *sigh* we really didn't do all that much though! somehow we managed in 5 days to watch

1. garden state *LOVED IT!*
2. napoleon dynamite *three times* FLIPPIN' SWEET!
3. terminator 3 *um... whatever.*
4. wicker park *purdy good*
5. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind *don't see this sleepy*
6. raising helen *still need to finish that one*
7. manchurian candidate *didn't finish... pretty boring*
8. collateral *this was awesome! but i fell asleep!*

what losers we are?! if one good thing came out of that though, i'm buying napoleon dynamite. i feel lost because it's out of my house! and what is up with that blockbuster "no late fees" thing?! seriously, that is just driving the blockbuster workers crazy. nobody is bringing things back, so they are all running around like crazed madmen trying to find the "guaranteed new releases" for bitches like me >:)

amy and nick's party was really fun too. there was a keg in the basement and everybody brought an appetizer. i kinda made up my own, after stressing about what to bring. i didn't want anybody to get sick! haha. i ended up making cheese/spinach rolls. i just bought those crescent rolls and made a mixture to put in them of sauteed onions, chopped spinach and garlic, put a blob of it in the middle of a crescent with pepper jack cheese and wrapped it up all cute and MAN! they WENT! all 18 of em'. way quick too. so did the jello no-bake oreo cupcake thingies. but those almost got all chomped up before the night even began. of course, not by me, because had i HAD something in my stomach, i wouldn't have threw up that night....

anyway. it was so warm here too. all week. nice! yesterday we took a walk, and some brotha' was walking down the street in my "hood." he was high as a kite, and yelling at craig and i "yo, cute couple, i gots me a lady too,... i'm lucky as HELL YO'!" and then proceeded to tell us how cute and in love we were,... and then asked us if we new where to score any "smoke." we looked at him blankly and he goes, "ya'll probably don't mess with dat sh*t,... huh?" and we just shook our head and smiled. ah... life is interesting on the east side, n-sh*t.


Go Kayak said...

Devon, you look beautiful! and so tan!
Your appetizers sound great! We watched Napoleon too. I liked it, but Chris didn't so much...he's so left-brained. We wanted to get Garden State, but it was out. And I know what you mean about Blockbuster. I have been trying to get Coffee and Cigarettes since it came out on video. They have 4 copies which are always out!

We stayed home on New Year's Eve and I made dinner. It was a very nice evening! Finally posted my holiday vacation catch up on my blog.

Mary said...

the brotha' story is hillarious. My old apartments bordered the "hood" too and there was this one guy who was in an electric wheel chair, but he was PIMPIN'! One day he was wheeling down the sidewalk with some ho on his lap dressed in white spandex head to toe. I swear it was SO HILLARIOUS!

Melissa said...

You didn't like Eternal Sunshine???? That's it, we can't speak, uh, write anymore! Well, I guess I can make an exception. I mean, you seem to have good taste otherwise!

Speaking of which, I read "Can You Keep a Secret" this weekend and it was awesome!! I highly recommend it to you!!!

Yeah, Devon, how is it that you keep so tan? I'm so pale that Rob thinks I'm purposely going for that "goth" look. I haven't been tan since I was 16 and I burnt myself to a crisp when I went on a cruise. Everyone failed to warn me that on the ocean, there's no need to apply coat after coat of tanning oil. The one and only time I've ever burned and since then I've been white as snow.