Wednesday, December 01, 2004

gettin' x-masy!

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so, it is SO freakin dreary here, and now that it is getting even colder (and is DARK by 5pm) i felt like a little festivity would do my heart good.

i went to the dollar store and bought mahself a 20 dollar piece of junk tree. and i assembled it ALL myself! :D i felt like an engineer or something. like... a rocket scientist! haha. ok, i won't go that far. i dunno what it is, i am in such a rotten mood all the time. however, this helped out a lot. and, in a wierd way reminded me that my "home" back home is really not my home... if that makes sense. my cats like to lay all sexy beside it, it's pretty hillarious. i'll have to get a pic... anyway, it needs decorations, and i am heading off to target after work. which brings me to my new annoyance....

i am going to get fitted for my best friends wedding. seriously, what dress nazi came up with this idea?! i mean, a shapeless bag that comes in a 2,4,6,8.... and then you pay 100+ dollars for it, only to have to get it altered?! well, i am hoping i am a perfect size 6 and i'm tall enough that it might just fit me. otherwise,... all i know is that i'm not paying more for alterations than i paid for the damn dress. it should be cute though.... when all is said and done. i probably won't even remember the wedding though.. haha. my friends are a bit of a rowdy bunch sometimes. PLUS, i will probably be paired up with one of nick's groomsmen of whom i have had um.... relations with.... he's a cool guy though. just a bit too into himself. i can see craig gritting his teeth on the sidelines now. should be a good time ;)

worried are relieved! i got that stupid dress fitted last night in a matter of minutes, and i got a gorgous ruby red tea length strapless sz 4 dress that needs NO ALTERATIONS! the pricing of alterations were making me woozy as i was standing in the store. MUAH HA HA!!! insert evil laugh here! i beat THE MAN.... or maybe just beat david's bridal.

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