Thursday, December 02, 2004

that is more like it!

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ok, i've gone crazy! i am totally in the christmas spirit now! getting presents for people is so fun. locking yourself out of your car at target... not so fun :)


Go Kayak said...

Hi Devon,
Wow you are really gettin with it! I'm going shopping on Saturday. I tried going last weekend and ended up losing my wallet (or so I thought)in the first store I went into. I spent a good portion of the day retracing my steps and looking all over that one store. When I had given up, I was going through my BIG purse and there it was! It was hiding inside of the envelope that my pay stub comes in and I missed it when I looked through my purse. AAARRRGGGHHH! I didn't feel very much in the Christmas spirit at that point.

So you locked your keys in your car! Bummer. I've done that a lot in my past. It's nice now that I have a car with a remote entry.

Take care!

Melissa said...

Woohoo! I love Christmas trees!! You know, last year I got a $17 tree from Target and decorated with Target Christmas balls. It was sad. Cute, but sad. You could see right through the tree! THere was like a branch every eight inches! But this year I la la la love my tree!!!

I am so into the Christmas spirit, I wish Rob wasn't such a Scrooge! I can't believe you have presents under your tree! Usually Rob and I get each other $10 of dollar store gifts just so we can have things to open on Christmas morning, but he said he didn't want to do that this year. :-(

Sorry about your car incident. I am all too familiar with that! Just think, it could have been worse! :-)

emski4379 said...

Hi Devon,
I was right then, it was you who posted on my blog (emskiiiiii). Yeah, locking your keys in the car sucks, but paying $50 to have someone open it in 2 seconds sucks even more. I seem to be doing most of my Xmas shopping online this year. Although I love going to the mall to look at their Xmas displays. Chad and I drove around last night looking at the houses all decorated. It was fun...Your tree looks great by the way.