Tuesday, January 25, 2005


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well, the inevitable happened. ;) especially if you live in freakin' erie pa. we woke up saturday morning to pretty much a blizzard. well, after procrastinating and watching movies and eating french fries all day, we decided to get a move on and shovel. (and we've got the strained back muscles to prove it!) it's amazing how many vultures are out there, knocking on your door, wanting to shovel for you! sorry, i don't open my door to strangers. i mean, after all they just caught a murderer on parade (a block over) and 15 blocks up. that stuff scares me. so, we shoveled and then i made some dinner. THIS sounds gross, but i made generic lil' bitty o's (like spaghetti o's, some tiny shell noodles, and butter beans, mixed it all up in a pot and added cheese. it was actually pretty good, but i'm getting down to the nitty gritty when it comes to groceries! thank goodness we just got paid. but i digress....

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Mary said...

Oh my Gosh,,, that sounds like some kinda meal Patrick's dad would make or something LOL but, I know what it is like to be low on groceries! Ya gotta do what you gotta do!