Thursday, January 20, 2005

why oh why....

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did our parents think it was ok to cut our hair when we were kids.maybe they secretly wanted a poodle, but couldn't afford one...

check out my stylin' shell earrings.



Mary said...

HAHAHAHAHAH OH MY GOD!!! BUT DEVON, That was the STYLE! This is fun because you are the exact age as me. That was the most popular hair style EVER back then! I remember all the girls on my basketball team had the permed hair and I didn't... I was soooo jealous.

I challenge us all to post funny, old-schools pics of ourselves on our blogs!
hehehe...this was great, Dev.

Annie said...

Dude...Mary's right. This was THE style. My hair was always too straight and I'd have to perm it two or three times to get it poufy enough. I would have been totally jealous of your hair. OK...I admit it, I still am : P!

Jeope said...

OMG, you ARE the spawn of Bob Ross! And Orphan Annie could've been yo' sista!

I shouldn't kid so much. I have a mullet photo at my desk that'd turn that perm straight.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog designgrrrl. The Audio blogs are cool, I didn't know they were doing that now? Nice poodle hair too. LOL

I really should be working on some sketches due tomorrow morning but I am procrastinating. I am so burnt out and don't feel like drawering (Said in the voice of 'Cheeky Monkey')

Well I'll have to book mark your blog along with Erins now.



Princesa de Chocolate said...

At least your parents would let you cut yours... my dad flip out at my mom the first time she cut my hair... ah did I mention I was like 8!!! :) He said little girls weren't suppose to have short hair... at least yours let you express yourself! ;)