Monday, February 14, 2005

breakin' the law.. breakin' the law.....

well, another valentine's extravaganza down at the bender/soph/eras household! it was honestly so much fun, and so many good stories came outta this one!!!!

friday, craig arrived with a single rose (pink, i told him NOT to buy me flowers, they are expensive and just die.. ) and i had made an appetizer platter of shrimp, cocktail sauce, cheese and crackers, and peanut butter and celery, and champagne. and, he took a shower and i got dinner ready to go in for after appetizers. (salmon and rice and noodles) we munched and exchanged gifts, and i waited till last to give him his dvd present i made with imovie. he got me "sex and the city" seasons 5 and 6 (he couldn't find three so we rented it) and a subscription to HOW magazine. Which is special, because i'm so excited to have been asked by HOW to be in an article they are doing in august!!!!! YIPPIE!!!! and valentine's day nerds. mmm.... he also took me out to dinner at matthews trattoria and we had dinner and drinks while listening to a jazz band and they did songs like "funny valentine." i LOVED IT!

anyway i'll get to that story in a minute. ;) so, i pulled out the imovie and he had NO idea what it was. i was so excited. he thought it was a mix cd, or something. so as we were watching it, he started crying a little! MY EVIL plan had WORKED! :D well, as we're watching it, he's getting emotional, i'm getting emotional, and i see out of the corner of my eye, little sparks,... then i see FIRE!!! the candles i had lit had caught our napkins on fire! i screamed and he stopped the dvd, and i'm trying to put it out. so... i guess i kinda ruined the moment with some pyrotechnics. ah. well.

saturday was even more memorable as i got the cops called on us. we were getting ready to go out to dinner at matthews, probably one of the most swanky expensive places to eat in erie, and we were dressed to the 9's. we got the best table in the place, right up by the "stage" and the setting was perfect. so, we ate, drank, listened to the band, and i looked over and decided that it was time to go. i don't know if it was the wine, because this was a special treat, but something got into me and i felt like exploring the building. so, after pulling him into the elevator and layin' some serious kisses on him, we got out to a top floor that overlooked a good part of the city. it was so pretty. so, i decided i needed to explore further, and i guess i had tripped the alarm on a doctor's office door... so the whole floor is going "WHOO WHOO WHOO!!!!" and i start laughing and he's TOTALLY FREAKED! and we're running back to the elevator and i'm laughing so hard my mascara is running, and i'm trying not to fall in my stilleto pumps. we get to my car and he puts me in and i yell "GET IN CLYDE!" still laughing. we then see a cop car going around the bend to get to the building... ah.. we barely escaped. it would've been pretty funny if we would've ended up in the clink ;)

other than that it was a pretty mundane weekend. we watched sex and the city season 3 all day yesterday... only to break for desperate housewives. can't have action all the time right?


Mary said...

You're always almost gettin' inta trouble! :)
Congrats on the HOW feature! That so totally rocks! I can't wait to see it!

Go Kayak said...

You guys are so funny! Ah to be young and in love...hey that's me too! We're celbrating tonight with dinner in. I'm cooking and he's providing dessert!!!

Anonymous said...

It was a very nice weekend! ...inspite of the fire and the cops! I loved my video!!! There was no crying though! I don't know what you are talking about. Anyways, I love my sweatshirt and my video and my chocolates, and THE GRUDGE!!!!!!! Thank you for being my valentine! xoxoxo

devon said...

you did too cry. so there. i saw some tears... right before the fire.