Thursday, February 10, 2005

DinoMites are hella tight!

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i need this so bad. i'm like, obsessed with buying it.
e-bay i guess here i come! i don't know why. it just popped into my head and i can't shake it. some people like crack, some people buy gucci kitten heels, i NEED to kick some serious butt by blowin some bubbles.


lew! said...


you use command (mac apple) to start and to spit bubbles - arrows to move - but i am not sure how you jump.
but this is bubble bobble 2 - i dunno if it is the same.

shouldn't i be working?

devon said...


Jeope said...

Bubble Bobble rocks. They got it at our IMAX, so when I go to their late-nite movie classics it's just gravy. Righteous!

Mary said...

We got like 3 bags of big leauge chew this weekend and I'd forgotten how much it ROCKS! My bubbles freaked my cat out totally. He squinted and swatted. LOL

We are saving one bag for a special showing of Napoleon Dynamite....