Thursday, March 10, 2005


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so, i went to gabriel brothers (kinda like value city) and spent a few clams on myself. i bought these sunglasses (very paris y nicole)for like, 2 bucks, and i feel like a rawk star when i wear them!!! "IN THE NAAAAAMEEEE OF LOOOOVEEE!!!!! (somethin' somethin'..) IN THE name OF LOOOOOVE!"

i bought some capris too. i love warm weather and cannot wait! the kid that was working the dressing rooms had given me a tag with a dressing room number on it, and i stuck it in my peacoat pocket. so, when i came back out, i handed him the stuff i didn't want, and the tag back. so the kid looks all confused, and kinda happy with himself, and i was walking away... well he says, "miss... um.. what is this?" and i had handed him a business card. they had the same weight and feel and he probably thought i was trying to pick him up. please. he was a fetus!!! i still felt dumb.

ah, t-minus 2 hours to go till i'm free. love can come in the form of genoa salami. by sarah lee. i think somebody has a crush on our proj coordinator. ;) too funny. that's all. i know i'm being cryptic. i couldn't help but wonder (ala carrie bradshaw) do we really want everything on the internet? i had to find out.


Jeope said...

Those are total Fly glasses...from the Achtung Baby days, hey?

shannon said...

i luuuuuvvv Gabes! Oh how do I miss it!!

Mary said...

Those glasses are YOU! :)

Isn't hard to watch Sex & the City and not feel the need to monolouge to yourself? Makes me want a powerbook and a ciggerette something AWEFUL!