Monday, March 14, 2005

this weekend.


this weekend was a good one, other than my nose is dripping like a faucet and my eyes feel like they are going to throb outta my head. i think i've finally fell prey to the dreaded cold/sinus infection. well, you knew it had to happen sometime didn't ya dev. ;) can't be the gal of steel ALL the time. hah. maybe it had something to do with the fact that i was so worried about sophie. i dropped her off at the vet to get spayed this morning, and i just couldn't handle it. i'm so worried about her and i cried last night twice, like a little baby all over craig. i think that if i'm ever a mother, i'm going to be one of those psycho, fiercely over protective types, and that is the type i NEVER wanted to be. so, they will call me after two today and let me know how pretty girl did. i put my jammie bottoms in with her so she can feel like she's with me by having my scent there. and, i snuck her some sofphtie treats last night, and craig yelled at me. but she's such a little piggie and she didn't eat enough dinner, and she couldn't eat after 7 last night. so... i don't think it hurt anything.

and, the weekend was very low key. we finished sex and the city, season 6. i loved the last one, and it made me cry, so i guess i cried a lot this weekend!!!! i made dinner pretty much every night. OH, except for the saturday night valerio's attack, which seems to be an unforseen phenom that only occurs about bi-monthly.... ;)

sunday was low key as well. we got furnace filters, as mine was BLACK. nasty. blech. i love lowe's. i love to dream about all the nice things i will hopefully have someday. we walked around k-mart, and circuit city, and i had to go to pet-smart to get the kids some good dinner before the fast. (some kitty "milk" that they hated, and some chicken and rice cat food, that they hated-hey, i tried) and then we went to presque isle. i cannot WAIT until the summer when the beaches don't look like some crazy cosmic planet. seriously, it is just so surreal on the beaches in the winter. you can't begin to imagine what it looks like but i tried to capture it with my camera phone. well, craig's camera phone. :) i had two coats on, and it was still freezing, so we didn't last out there very long. driving along the beach, i just dreamed about what it will be like to be rollerblading and biking again. i'm making it my personal mission to get one of those tiny ipod's that goes around your neck (can't remember what they're called at the moment... maybe tiny ipod? i dunno..) and a bike rak. i mean, i could bike to the beach but i think that having a cooler and some essentials in the car would make for a better trip. i'm not as hard core as i used to be. well, ok, enough typing, my cold medicine is now kicking in.. HOORAY!!! :D


Mike said...

The ipod thing you mention is the iPod shuffle - which I must say is great. I enjoy mine very much.

Melissa said...

Love my iPod shuffle too, but I still love my regular iPod more. :-)

You know, I really like going to Lowes too, but now, I go there and wish I had time to do all those fun little projects. One day. One day that bathroom will get painted! :-)

Mary said...

That first picture is really fun! LOL It really reminds me of something I'd get from a stock photo company!

PV said...

I love the first photo. You are a total NUT! :-)