Monday, April 04, 2005

huge glass and demon cats!

weekend fun

these pics are a compilation of a few weeks back this weekend etc.. :D
the top are pictures of craig's HUGE MAN GLASS!!!! look. it's as big as my head. the second from the right is showing my inferior woman glass. that thing is massive. i think it came from big lots. since then, nothing has been the same at meals...except i think craig eats less because his stomach is full of rasberry iced tea.

the picture with the kids is the "new" piece of furniture i got from my parents. it was in the living room, but now resides in the kitchen.

MUAH HA! you thought i was going to take a nice picture with you?! NEVER! --- look at mr spec trying to get a nice snap. not with THIS GIRL AROUND!!! :D

yeah, that's us eating. 'LOOK MA! I COOK!' actually, 'LOOK MA, CHEF BOYARDE!' it was good though. i also made a jello no bake cheesecake for dessert. talk about fakin' it.

the one of craig with the little bottle of pop was the funniest thing i've ever seen for sale in a grocery store. it's pop called "chubby" soo... of course we had to buy the purple chubby. :-D kinda like mary's spotted dick.

the last one is for craig,... "you know it!"


Anonymous said...

You two have the same nose. Hee hee. [DCD]

PV said...

But DG has booger inside her nose LOL!

devon said...

i do not you psycho!