Wednesday, April 06, 2005

a glimpse into spring.


yesterday, i decided to make the most out of our gorgeous weather and take a walk. i got those good feelings, like smelling the earth for the first time this year! (apparently, my earth smells like cow sh*t, but still....) in no time at all i'm sure that it'll be spring for good. NO MORE SNOW. i noticed how many cop cars were out yesterday, and it was probably because it WAS so nice. or, usually all the cars are covered in snow, so every car is white like a cop car. who knows!

i took craig's digital out to capture some of the erie scenery on a walk last night. this is my usual route, so i didn't deviate from it. the shots on the path are taken from the last leg of my usual route. i never really took the time to appreciate it before. if i ever had to leave, i would really miss it. i think we have the best of both worlds here in erie. we have big town stuff in a small town setting. i live two blocks away from starbucks, and can walk to the warner theater. i have a lake and beach at my disposal. i love it here. my new mission is to get a bike rack, to strap onto my car and take my bike to presque isle after work. i think this summer my exercise routine will need switched up a bit, or i'll get bored.

check out the grandchildren crossing sign. i thought that was really interesting. i had a bit of trouble with the lighting, as it was getting dark, and that meant american idol was on, so i had to high tail it home! the woman who made that sign's name is lillith, and she's pretty cool. she maintains a garden across from her home and does projects to get kids off the streets and give them other things to do besides get in trouble. i had the pleasure of meeting her last summer, but never noticed her sign in the alley.

hm... what should come next? maybe "great typography of erie?" i was thinking about doing a "found" alphabet, but it seems when i go looking for things, i never find them.


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