Monday, April 11, 2005

ACTIVE weekend

whoaaa.... biker mama. haah! this is me being a huge poser. (i ride on the BACK of the bike!) this is craig's GSXR 1100. pretty fun, and yesterday was beautiful!!!



life aint nothin' but a funny, funny riddle.... THANK GAWD I'M A COUNTRY GAL!!! YEE HAW! craig let me drive his tractor this weekend! i felt so "country." ;)


after a hard day's mowin' (just kidding!) we went and shot some of craig's guns! the zebrajakova was the hardest to shoot for me, but i still managed to take out my targets head!!! i'm a killah.




Jeope said...

Craig has a tractor? Damn, this boy's a keeper. I'm going home tonight and I'm gonna all be like, "Kerry if you don't get me a tractor then it's splitsville".

Tractor. G*d-damn!

PV said...

Hey Justin Timberlake I mean your man has got good taste. Nice hooligan bike.

devon said...

of COURSE he has good taste! he's dating me! haha.

(that britney bitch has NOTHIN' on me!)

devon said...

and we are total hell raisers on his hooligan bike. one time, i hit a mailbox with my baseball bat and we zooooomed away!!! (ok, not really. that would be a total a-hole thing to do) ;P