Thursday, April 14, 2005

living quarters


so, jeope got me thinking about homes, where we live etc. (btw, CONGRATS on the new purchase!-i know you're reading this)

i really enjoy where i live. i think when you've worked your way from NOTHING, you appreciate your space more. i almost said "unit!" haha. unit. unit.... i actually like going home and i feel so comforted in the fact that i am secure. i think i've made a pretty good life for myself and i love having company over. i think i may have to buy that "sushi shower curtain" from archie mcfee though. AWESOME. who wouldn't want to look at raw fish while washing their hair. it's not even a question.

plus, my shower curtain is a host to MUCH mold right now, and it makes me throw up a little.


Jeope said...

Yeah, I'm reading.

Yeah, he does look like Justin Timberlake.

JC was still way hotter.

Princesa de Chocolate said...

You know what I love about you... your honesty... like telling us about the mold on your shower curtain. I personally never had sushi but my husband loves it and I think he too would love a sushi shower curtain. However I've had mold on my shower curtain. I hate it much! Ciao!

Dave said...

C'mon, show us what we really want to see, the bedroom! ;-)


Melissa said...

Geez, dev, you gots yourself a lot of nice, grown up furniture for a youngin! I thought everyone our age had homes filled with IKEA! You actually have a real home as opposed to my mostly mish-mashed, leftover from college home! :-)