Tuesday, May 24, 2005


so, i was walking last week, and found this GEM! it's like, an end table, with a consule. i'm going to put it on my sunporch and decorate it with plants. i think it's going to be red and orange, with purple and green flowers, and white accents... not sure yet. i can't wait to sand it down and paint/decorate it. who would throw this away? college freaks, that's who. there are beer stains, and one of the legs is broken but i'm going to fixer' all up and gorilla glue the leg back on. i think it's boss. ;P



Mary said...

Crafty McCrafterson!

Jeope said...

You're too nice, Devon. What you oughta do is take it out to your farm, fire a few rounds at it. Put it out of its misery.

I dunno. But that sounds like fun to me!

devon said...

bullets?! nevah! i will resurrect this baby!!!!!