Tuesday, May 24, 2005

hair today...

gone tomorrow!!!! here ya go mum. check it out! it's pretty short.
man, it takes, like, NO TIME to blow dry. it's going to be nice for summer.

i need a nap. ever lay in bed and even though you're dawg tired with three sleeping pills disolving in your gut, you have an overwhelming need to take the drapes down and wash them? i did. i did just that last night. so, i have clean drapes and a worn body. i'm so flippin' tired. i think i might have to go home for a power nap. plus, it's dreary today. makes you just want to hybernate. i think i'm a night owl by nature, and have been getting the required 6-8 hours per night, so i guess i just reverted a little last night.

sometimes i think i may have OCD. i really do. i mean, i can't lay there knowing there is dust on something that i saw, and didn't clean, it eats away at my soul.

my coworker said i'm not crazy. she said she will get up to pee in the middle of the night, notice the sink is dirty and start scrubbing away. i do that!!!! i'm not a neat/clean freak by any means though.. odd. my mom used to wonder how i looked so together in high school when it looked like a bomb exploded in my room. and i'd find wierd things in my drawers like a half eaten moldy sammich, or boiled egg, but i'd still smell good... i told her it was my super powers.




lew! said...

RE: hair cut
Whoo! WHoo!
I like it hanging in the face - more mysterious.

RE: dumpster diving
what is it? a tv stand? (can't tell from the photo)

devon said...

lew! it can be anything you want it to be... right? ;) but, in reality i think it's an end table with a cubby. :)

in my face!? yeah right. you are just trying to say i'm a butterface. haha! i still love that... "butterface." i use it a lot.

Jeope said...

Well I think it's...hey, holdonasec! Are you takin' pictures while driving?! Crazywoman!


But I agree: Whoo.

Shelley P said...

Devon - I love your hair! I just got mine cut the same way. It feels sooo good and I don't dread getting ready anymore.

You're such a cutie!