Monday, May 16, 2005

finger lickin' good.


ok, we actually just got caught in the rain and sat at KFC (you really didn't think i'd EAT there didja?!) gross. but i had to get a picture taken with the "colonel" (did i sphell that wright?)in the "let the little children come to jesus" pose with the future cholestrolically challenged kids of america.

that's just funny.


Jeope said...

Colonel. C-O-L-O-N-E-L. Well done, lass!

I shook my liking of KFC years ago. Love the smell. Like the taste. Loathe, LOATHE the feeling after.

Mary said...

OH MY GOD! In my hometown the KFC my best friend worked at had those same pictures in the dining area! They are SOOOO freakin' stupid! And old.... and greasy... blech! KFC... the only thing I can stand there now is the mashed potatos. There is crack in that gravy, I swear!

lew! said...

mashed potatoes & gravy and thier biscuits are pretty good.

the chicken - death in a bucket i believe. those buckets are high guage steel when they start - they just feel like cardboard aftrer the grease-chicken is in there.

last time i had it - i almost wretched.
no foolin

why am i so negative lately.

Hi everyone! Hearts and puppies!
(that's better)

Mary said...

I forgot about the biscuits... Yeah, they are the BEST.
the only folks that beat out a KFC biscuit is Chic-fil-a and Cracker Barrell.