Thursday, May 12, 2005



so, last saturday was quite da' whirlwind. a bridal shower in the morning,12 noon (to help set up, get settled, and follow amy to the country club as i had NO idea where i was going!) and it was over at 4 pm. i have never seen that much junk! it looked like a department store exploded in there! i was the "wrapping paper catcher!" i needed a ball mitt.

that same night we took off for EVERY COUNTRY BAR in erie. we had so much fun! thank god i'm a hick. i don't know any line dances though, like bernadette and carrie anne ;) you don't know the meaning of life until you see a biker lick your "inflatable husband" chester. it was a beautiful moment.

we had a great time, as you can see in the picture, "chester" got some boxers donated by a special country bar donor! and you don't know chaos until you need to round up 30 *drunk* girls to move along to the next bar. i almost pulled all my hair out.

i ended up losing my cell phone, but our "limo" driver "fun bobby" found it. i almost kissed him! my cell phone is my day planner, my PHONE, my alarm clock, my text central aka direct line to craig! and my camera!!!!! scary how much i depend on it.

the bottom couple of pics were at the "tail end o' the beer" of the night. nick made some kinda curry omelet or ... something... (i have no idea what i ate) but it tasted like heaven.

yeah, i was pretty much useless the next day and the smell of my hairspray made me want to vomit. i'm almost to the point where i can pass a beer distributor and my gag reflex is in check.


Mary said...

Why was the limo driver named "Fun Bobby"... ? LOL As I recall, the funny thing about "Fun Bobby" on friends was that he never ended up being that funny. You's gals is crazy!!!!!!! Insane in the membrane!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

That just looked like fun. I remember I didn't want a bridal shower and my mom and mom-in-law forced me. Oh my... I have pictures and my face is as red as it will ever be... some naughty people in my family.