Tuesday, May 31, 2005



man was i glad to have some time off.

craig came friday and it was after the WORST day of work EVER. i made us some dinner (sweet n sour chicken! MMMM....) and we went for a walk and a midnight romp to wal*mart. their freakin computers were whacked out and you wouldn't believe the um.... people that are in there late at night. WOW. that's all i'm going to say. i got some new underguchies and some jogging shorts to do workouts after work, and some snickers popables. i've been on this sugar binge lately, which could explain some of the zits that have been popping up. EW. oh well, i like chocolate, i will NEVAH stop.

pretty low key weekend though. saw will smith's "HITCH" at the dollar movies. very cute and only a dollar!
and whatever you do, please do not see "the aviator" with leo decap. what a stinker. we didn't even make it through and craig fell asleep.

what really made my weekend though was the trip to the sal-val (got my HOW conference masquerade dress for THREE DOLLARS! :) and going to the beach. it really felt like summer. craig got HELLA burnt up and it looks like he has port wine stains on the back of his legs. it's really bad. me, i LIKE being a little crispy, but i've been tanning every other week, so my skin is used to it. he has to be hurting SO bad today!!!!>:)
that's what he gets for ignoring the sunscreen fairy.


Jeope said...

Chocolate don't give you zits; that's an old mom's tale. I eat chocolate til' I zook sometimes and I still gots some fine skin...in some places.

devon said...

yeah, i tried to tell craig that it's not true!

my dermatologist told me that a WHILE ago. :)

Mary said...

Going to the tanning bed will actually help acne. A dematologist told one of my HS friends to start going to the tanning bed when she had really, really bad skin problems.

Yay for tanning!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Please take me with you next time... that looks like a very relaxing time. :)