Wednesday, June 08, 2005



OUR WEATHER HAS BEEN SO FREAKIN' AWESOME. *i mean freakin' awesome* shhh...... don't want to jinx it.
i had such a great weekend. i'm so happy the weather has changed for the better. seems like just yesterday i was brushing the snow off before entering the apt.

friday night we went to the rib fest and i had a pulled pork sandwhich and peanut butter taffy. SO good.

saturday was neat. we found an antique shop and there was SO much stuff there. but in particular, they had old postcards from the early 1900's that intrigued me. they are 2 for 5 dollars, and if i buy some, i'll post them. they're amazing. they reminded me of the book "griffin & sabine: an extraordinary correspondence"

reading about people's lives, and who they miss, where they are... so intriguing.

sunday, we went beachin' it! presque isle kinda smells like dead fish, and the water is too cold to go in, but laying out and strolling along the beach is a great time. call me crazy but i just love the smell of burning flesh ;)

my british friend and her husband came up for the weekend for a wedding (of an ex of mine!--it's a joke that i drive them to marriage.) and we went out on the town saturday night after they got back from the reception. it was pretty fun. i don't go out much. i remember why ;) i don't think i'm missing a whole lot. but it was awesome to see ellie. her birthday was sunday, and we all went to pufferbelly's for brunch. i ate SO MUCH. i couldn't believe the bill when we got it!!! 27 dollars.. what did i expect though. i got three desserts just because i figured... hey, i paid for them right? i tasted each one so i'll know what i like next time it go!

i'm so excited for the HOW conference. i have so much to do before our flight leaves saturday.


Mary said...

It just hit me today that I am going to actually MEET you and Mel. Like, sometimes It doesn't really register that we've never met before. Its like you both are old college buds or something! Ha!

Now you'll be ol' conference buds!

Jeope said...

Top right: Craig as Mr. Bean?

Second row from top, left: Tell Craig no matter how bad he has to go, he can't pee in Lake Erie.

PS: Lucky! I haven't seen the sun since Friday.

devon said...

i've peed in the lake!!!!

lew! said...

How could you?
(go into lake erie - yuck)

no, i used to swim in erie as a lad up in monroe MI. Good memories (sniff, sniff)

i have no photos from last weekend at the beach in Chicago - man it was beautiful. Tossed the football and frisbee, relaxed - good time. But i kept my shirt on, no one wants to see that!

Hmm - maybe you and craig need your suits for chicago, the beach is great, crowded but great.

Hope i see you monday night!

Valerie said...

Looks like you had a blast!

I'm really posting because i'm soooo glad you mentioned that book! A friend told me about this book over a year ago and i was trying to think of the name of it last week!

Thanks - (violetkey)