Monday, June 20, 2005

i'm in yah BUILDING!!!!


so, i have a total howie hangover. in the mental and physical sense. i learned so much in chicago at the HOW conference, helping me both in my work, and in my personal relationship skills. (everybody needs great skills right?!)

the sessions were mostly amazing with a few minor "aw, man, that totally sucked" such as the keynote. or maybe i was just worn out from flying in that morning. i really wished i could have had time to explore navy pier, done some photography. there just simply wasn't enough time. plus, there was this collective group of amazing talented artists, and NOT enough time to pick all their brains. i did zero in on a few howies, you know you who are!!!

they hyatt was amazing, and i have never, probably will never see that many artists (4,000?) in the same BUILDING!!! again. (unless of course, my powers of pursuasion will get me to vegas.) anybody ever see that "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" ad that has the lint roller with glitter, fake eyelashes,chips, pasties stuck to it?! i loved that concept.

also, lorri's cousin showed us her office (she works for an ad agency in the heart of chi-town) and it was amazing, except for ONE thing. it was so high up that i was getting nauseus just from being up there looking out the window. so, here, i thought it was my lack of ambition making me stay in erie, and it's REALLY my fear of heights. ;)eh. who knew.

well, i must get some work done. (looking through all my free paper samples from the conf... drool!)

having said all that, i miss my howies, and each one of you are so special, yal'll have NO idea how you got "IN MAH BUILDING!"

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