Friday, July 22, 2005



i really needed this one folks!!! i had such a good time. coming back was really hard.
we ate SO well! and drank... SO much ;)

i discovered i can ride 11 hours in a car with craig. and that is a good thing.


Jeope said...

Holy brown cow, that's some serious tan-nage, DG!

Now, try 12 hours. It's a whole different ball game.

RDQLUS (Stevie G.) said...

Oh man...the "shiny happy people" thing is really bothersome to us miserable types! Knock it off you blissful bandito!

Fanned, tanned and wit'cho Man...can't beat that!

Princesa de Chocolate said...

I like yer hat! :) :) I want one just like it... LOL LOL Seriously it's so cute!