Wednesday, December 21, 2005

i guess it's been awhile....


i feel like i've been blog slacking. slacking rhymes with snacking... i should snack... mmm... i'm hungry. anyway. this past weekend was craig's annual x-mas party. i boogied down with the best of em, even though it was just me and jan on the dancefloor. :D the dinner was amazing. hardly even tasted catered. but then again, pre dinner cocktails filled me up and i had maybe 4 bites and was stuffed. of COURSE i was starving by the time we went back to the hotel room at the marriot. i just had to suffer. last year i made craig run out and get wendy's .. this year? not so much. oh well, i was happy with the mints/hershey kisses i had grabbed in the hotel lobby that night. i had a bit of a minor hangover too. i guess that's what cosmopolitans and wine will do to an empty stomach. the next day we had gone out to see his friend wilbur's new house. their old one burned down pretty much to the ground after it was struck by lightning. scary. but their new house is AWESOME! it smells new. when i have a house i want it to smell new. maybe i'll market that, like, "new house smell!" instead of new car smell. i think that'd be a winner.

the other pics are of us plowing the road that leads to their farmland. it's a big hill and i guess craig's car was getting stuck and sliding back down... so his cousin let him use his construction truck with huge plow on the front to fix that situation. it was kinda scary. then i started to calm down and enjoy it. i've never been on a plow mission before.. now i have. :)


lew! said...

looking pretty nice their Dev!
Bet all craigs co-workers were jealous. ;)

And by the by, that coat you have in the bottom photo, is bad-ass. Some may say that's weird for a dude to say, but i'm comfortable with it. I think emily would dig such a coat.

Have a great Christmas!
(did you get my card?)

Mary said...

WooHOOOOO! I love that dress, girly! You look smashing! And I agree with Lew's comments. You should feel secure in saying that. Patrick says stuff like that all the time (WITH the same "disclaimer") :)