Friday, December 09, 2005

ouch. so dumb.

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so last night, i spilled something on my new robe, so before i went out to my friend's house for dinner, i threw it in the wash. so, i get back, go to bed, and wake up FREEZING so i want my robe. well, i go down to get my new fleece robe out of the dryer, and my all the time drunk neighbor musta came in late to do laundry... (like, 12 to 1 am!?) who does that?!?! anywho, a bunch of snow blew in and covered the stairs, and i fell down 14 stairs. straight from the top, slipped and bumped ass the whole way down. my left leg and arm are bruised and my left thumb won't move on it's own. :( i'm kinda concerned. it's probably just sprained. but. anyway, that's not the worst part.

i lost my engagement ring in the fall.

i called craig (bless his heart) he has to get up around 4 am... and here is am calling hysterically crying.... and you have to understand that our basement is like the vortex of the universe and has tons of sh*t down there from millions of tennants... so he calms me down and i go down with a flashlight (after crying, it's gone! it's gone!) and i get on my hands and knees in the dirt (it's one of those "dirty floor with pineneedles type basements) and i start sifting through piles of dirt. i found it. i found my needle in a haystack. that was the most helpless feeling.

it was so sad and happy! craig handled it beautifully. i really love him. i think i'll keep him.

so today i get all nervous that it is broken and went and got x-rayed... turns out it's just a bad sprain. check out my hot new accessory!!!!


Mary said...

It'll look superb with those boots! You were trying to do the boot scootin' boogie down those steps, weren't you Dev??! :)

lew! said...

No more accidents this weekend?
I trust, I gather.

Hope not anyway.
How long should you wear the brace?

Are you laughing at it yet?

"Aw cwap i fell down the staiws"

Jeope said...

Shake it girl, don't break it.

Melissa said...

Gratuitous ring shot!! :-D

Hope your bruises are healing. As an unstable walker, I know how it feels!