Thursday, December 01, 2005

these boots....

Originally uploaded by designgrrrl.
were made for cuteness!!!

i dunno why i'm blogging my new cowgirl boots. i just realized i'm a loser, and i'm hitting "post entry" anyway.

is this really my life?


Mary said...

ME LIKEY! No,,,, me LOVEY! I have some berry red durango boots that I need to get out this year. However, they aren't rootin' tootin' like yours. You've got pretty stitching on yours!

Melissa said...

Devon, you're so cool! I don't think I could pull off cowboy boots! I'd look like I was an imposter or a phoney or something! Where did you get them???

devon said...

thanks ladies! they hurt like hell. they are pinching my toes together! they are so pointy.

i got them at gabriel brothers for TWENTY BUCKS! i love them. :D they'll go with my cowgirl hat.

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