Monday, November 28, 2005

the big bad deer killah

not to be confused with ghost face. even though... he's real pale.

my darlin' is up in a tree stand right now, and i'm all kinds of nervous. there are many tree stand accidents per year, some even paralyzing. it's scary. i wonder if he got anything. and if so, does this mean two dead deer will be watching us from his bedroom wall as we make out? it's creepy enough with just one... but... there will be hot stix. nah, it's just not worth it.



Mary said...

Hunter Orange is his color! LOL :)

lew! said...

i thought you were kinda anti-hunting there devon. Maybe you just get sick of all the photos at work.

i keep it quiet on the forum, but i miss hunting. never got a deer, but enjoyed going with my pops, sitting in the cold quiet U.P. and all that. I have missed 4 seasons now.

Oh well, maybe i'll go again someday. Hope i don't lose any net-friend admiting i like to hunt.

ah well.

hmmm...this sounds more like a blog than a responce.

Hope craig has good luck and is safe.

Melissa said...

Boo! Killing animals for sport is mean! Poor Bambi! That's it, I'm coming up to Erie and hunting your cats! :-p

Eh, like I can talk, I'll eat a cow or a chicken. Although I probably wouldn't if I had to kill it myself. I can't even squish bugs!

I'm signing you and lew up for PETA's mailing list...mwuahahahaha!!! jk!

devon said...

i AM signed up for peta emails! lol. :)
i've just accepted it... it's not really for sport. it's for eatin'. i can understand how it controls the population etc. they'd just freeze to death anyway right? he's going to keep going until he gets one... so the sooner he does, the more i'll get to see him :)

lew! said...

see mel hates me already.

Melissa said...

Haha, oh lew! I can't hate you! :-) I'm no activist. Most of Rob's family hunts. His aunt's hubby raises pheasants in his basement and releases them so he can shoot them. That just seems so sad to me!

My best friend growing up had a room in her house filled with animals. *shudder* Creeped me out!

Mary said...

My dad is a hunter. I won't tell you the stuff I used to do for xtra credit in biology.

Jeope said...

Seriously, he's not the head-mounting type, is he? Sitting in that cozy parlour chair with his brandy below the deer head, feet on the polar bear rug?

Don't worry about the boy. He's no idiot. He'll come home safe, and then there'll be good eatin'. Deer makes for some killah-sweet sausage action.

Austin of Sundrip Journals said...

Lord. yes, I suppose a deer head would make it hard to concentrate ya know. You are too funny. AND he is too cute.

Goodness! I can just see it now, "I wish he'd kill somethin' so he can come home." Yes, my friends might have issues if I said something like that to them.

Austin of Sundrip Journals