Monday, November 07, 2005

lawrd, good thang i'm white collar.


...because welding is for the birds. and or.. men. saturday craig let me sit in the bobcat (he is helping his friend who trades in scrap metal for a hobby torch, cut up and haul the rusty old equipment at the farm) and i got to weld!!!
we rode his gsxr 1100 to the farm and just had a good old time, i welded two pieces of scrap metal together. my technique SUCKED. i guess just like craig probably couldn't color correct the camo jackets and pants i'm doing, i can't weld for sh*t. practice probably makes perfect though!!!!

as we hang out together, i'm more and more amazed at how we are SO completely different. like.... i can spend time at the farm, and i'll adapt, but i won't spend all day there. or, he'll take me out for sushi even though he hates it, but puts up with it and finds something he likes but we don't go there often. OR, i can rock out to metallica on my way home to see him, and genuinely do like them after seeing them live, and take the time to understand a little more about the band, but it PAINS him to listen to 3 country songs in a row. maybe i'm just more adaptable. i'm working on him though.

small quirks make me laugh too. like how he is SOOO like my father. when we left my parent's house for dinner sunday, he totally drives the wrong way. goes down the street instead of up it, to get to the highway to travel in the direction of dick's sporting goods. so, i say, (nicely!), "honey, why don't we turn around, and go the other way, because if we go this way, we have to go all the way around the neighborhood, making a big circle that will take us three times as long..." he just says, "NO way. we're not going up the street past your parents house. we'll just go around." HUH? whatttt...whaaa? um, k. he's stubborn JUST like my father. it's amazing sometimes. but our personalities and humor match in a way i've experienced, but with him it's heightened. i really enjoy being with him and i don't know how long i'll last being away from him.

we had a GREAT dinner at his sister's apartment. it was the first time her and her new husband have had us over. we sat around ate a good meal, (seafood alfredo) and drank red wine... ok, jason drank red wine! lol. no, we all did, and then that night, when we got back, craig wanted to watch "the ultimate fighting championship" i just rolled my eyes. well, turns out i got totally into it and he fell asleep! lol. i was rooting for the hillbilly heart-throb, but he just didn't have enough ring experience to triumph. ;)

and to add to my random, all over the place thoughts... SAW II was the most TERRIFYING movie ever. so scary. worth every cent. :)


Jeope said...

OK, I'm going to give you the straight talk: There isn't a man alive that can listen to three country songs in a row. Craig's just expressing his normality.

Mary said...

there is a whole STATE full of men who can listen to 3 country songs in a row. As a matter of fact, a whole state full of men that can listen to the SAME lynard skynard song three times in a row.

Mary said...

And it is called alabama.

Sorry, I forgot my own punchline :P

Christian with a Whip said...

Well - I am a MAN - Full-blooded one too - and I CAN listen to 3 country songs in a row - Just NOT by Toby Keith! Loved, Big and Riches, "Save a Horse - Ride a Cowboy!" LOL!

WIAN sent me a copy of a disc you sent her btw - Dgrrrl! Aw -I got all misty eyed when you started talkin' about you and J's differences - I'm going through the same thing with my b-friend. (A BIT different - yours is a fiancé and I've only known mine about 3 months, but heart-warming nonetheless!)

hope you are well - and you look so soxy in dat helmet & tractor thingie-me-bob. Gosh - all warm and fuzzies - makes me wanna Ralph -well…not really, romantic at heart - what can I say.