Monday, October 31, 2005

flippin sweet halloween fun in 05


this year i had SO MUCH FUN. craig and i were invited to the bash we usually attend every year.... i was a dead bride and he was a hunter who had his throat slashed. the more i thought about it, i should've been rudolph with a meat cleaver.. the day started off with me kinda freaking, not having worked on my costume a BIT. so, i went out, bought red food coloring, a cheap tiara and some black netting. (and a bit of latex so craig could give me a head wound) putting the "blood" on the dress was REALLY FUN.

we went around 7:30 but not before we went into giant eagle to buy some chips and a camera. :) we got some strange looks. i walked past this kid who goes, "that was F*cking SCARY."

i probably won't give out candy tonight, as they cart up all the kids on my side of town and usually ship them over the the rich part of the west side. which is FINE with me. more time for myself i guess...

last night we did pumpkins, and it's always awesome for me since i discovered they have great stencils. plus i flippin LOVE pumpkin seeds. YUM!


stacie said...

I loooovvee your costume! I was Mia Wallace for Halloween, I'll be posting pics sometime soon hopefully.

Jeope said...

I ditched the seeds. I realized I love sucking the salt off of roasted pumpkin seeds. And then all's that left is the seeds. And I don't care for that part. Now I skip the seeds and just carry a salt-lick around with me.

Sweet outfit. Flippin'. Do you do yer own face-painting or does Craiggers do it?

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Mary said...

Yay for halloween!!! I would have SO loved to get all dressed up! Maybe next year. I say that like, every year LOL

Melissa said...

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