Wednesday, October 26, 2005

something pretty in my bathroom.

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so, i was on my hands and knees, scrubbing the toilet and around the base of it (it's a glamorous life, but somebody's got to live it!) and i came across this leaf. i was struck by the beauty of it, and put it in my purse to scan.

maybe i'm just a geeky artist with an appreciation for nature... or maybe i've been dabbling in methamphetamine again. either way, i have a feeling i owe somebody a lot of money.


Mary said...

That is a pretty leaf. How'd it end up in your bathroom? LOL I guess I am used to the cave-like atmosphere of my apartment where there are no windows in the bathroom and bedroom.

Christian with a Whip said...

Ah Mrs. Grrrl…It is now Mrs. isn't it?

Pretty leaf…puuurty leaf. Leaf. Pretty tree accessory. Uh…yeah, well…I'm stalling. How'd it end up in your toilet? Oh - on the bathroom floor? That's got to be some sort of compelling story. maybe the Tree Fairy put it there.

I love cleaning like that. I'm sure (or so I have been told) it's waaaay better with the Meth. - Hee-hee. Actually, I'm finding that I am waaaay cleaner (read: I'm Martha Stewart in my own way) than my boyfriend. It kinda makes me proud when I notice how clean my place is compared to his…but he has a room-mate, so I don't think it's all him.

K - Officially rambling there. Good to see you keeping this thing (blog) going. I need to come up with a system to get both of mine current more often.

om mother life force said...

looks like a dead leaf to me ...what [inside. you] related to it????? why do you see death as beautiful???, i like them when ther alive, but how ever i did , pick up one the other day that hanging on my door, a [dead] maple leaf, with the traditional , red bloches on it.

peace and light

om mother life force
om goddess of avalon

only one life force

om fred heidrick