Monday, October 24, 2005

boooooorn to beeeeee......

totally mild. :D


i had a great weekend! we got to go riding. apparently in october, one who gets EXTREMELY cold needs to wear:

a tyvek suit with booties and hoodie

long underwear

flannel boxers


long sleeved tshirt


motorcycle jacket

among other under guchies. it was COOOOOLD. but we stopped at the farm (no jeope, we didn't mow anything.. sorry! :) and i laid on a hitch thingie and just stared up and watched these two hawks gliding so effortlessly through the sky. i could've have watched them play in the clouds all day. someone/thing really knew what they were doing when they designed the universe.


Erin said...

Biker chick...any relation to Biker Fox???


Jeope said...

All I'm hearin' is Arnie right now: "I need your boots, your clothes and your motorcycle."

Hearin', is all. I wouldn't actually say that to ya.

lew! said...

i am glad someone is finally thanking me for all the work i did on the universe. You'd think with that on my resume i'd get more job offers...

stupid mortals.

glad you had a nice weekend. mine was quite good too. i love rainy fall weekends.