Thursday, October 20, 2005

if this is a present... let x-mas pass me by por favor.


so, i guess that eras thinks he is "the man" now. i guess that continually making fun of him for being such a wuss wasn't a great idea either. seriously, these are the days when having my very own man in the house would be great.

it started out like an ordinary day, but as i walked to the shower this morning, i noticed eras was doing that low cat belly growl thing they do when they are ticked, but he had his play toy mouse in his mouth, so it was ok. he was just pretending.... but as i started to leave i noticed he was following me with the toy in his mouth. hm. the toy is now wriggling. moving a bit.... doing the macarena of death in my cat's jaws. i FLIPPED OUT. how disgusting. i call work, "i'll be late, the mighty hunter has killed again..." i call craig, "help! what do i .... yes... oh, a baggie, inside out?... i can like, FEEL it through a thin baggy! ..... i'm not a wuss.. but... ok.. well you KNOW i use dollar store baggies, and they are THIN." so i sucked it up and the little bugger is inside TWO dollar store baggies that are tied up and that is inside an eckert bag which is inside a thick save-a-lot bag. my reasoning for all the bags is that even if it's alive still, it can't get out. i think he is mamed enough to not be able to chew through the bags. he looked pretty dead though. he had that death stare..... EW.

so i was scanning some pics for my evil plan and came across these few good ones! they make me laugh. my mom used to go all out for halloween. she even made me a shower costume one year! complete with spicket and running "water" (streamers) we never got a pic of that! how crazy. remember when daniel-son on karate kid was a shower for halloween? i looked like him. :)


it looked like that.. i don't remember what color the shower curtain was made out of.. but i smelled like cheap plastic for days.

AW look at the little halloWEENERs. emphasis on weener.


ttfn. mah babies.


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