Thursday, September 22, 2005

rawks make lil' fingie-nails grooooowww.....

wow. so i've bitten my nails for OVER 15 years probably.. or something crazy like that.
two weeks before i was preposed to (SP?!) i decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH> right mary?!
they are getting there and the other day, i treated myself to a french manicure, a professional one!

notice the gratuitous shot of the ring... ;)


OH! and then this morning, the strangest thing happened. i was curling my hair, and i usually do that on the floor of my bedroom in front of a mirror, and reached up to grab something on my dresser, and i BURNED THE CRAP outta my knee.
there's a strange purple circle, and in the middle of it is a blister full of water. it looks like i have a nipple on my knee. only me... only me....


Jeff said...

It's "proposed."

Your knee "nipple-blister" looks like it hurt! Ouchi-wawa!

This is how you leave comments on someone else's blog BTW, thought maybe you'd forgotten. Haha!

Melissa said...

Aww, poor burn! Now we have matching gross knees! Mine's getting better, although when I show people they still look like they want to vomit. Hmph.

Nice gratuitous rock shot! :-)

Jeope said...

I'm not fooled by the rocks that you've got.

Congrats from a fellow former nailbiter. One day I just up and quit, although once in rare while I still let myself have a single one as a treat, then say it broke while doing yardwork.

Mary said...

LOL nipple knee!!! I like life with nails! OOOh, the other day I was in Wal*mart and this friendly little 11 year old girl was in line in front of me and we were chatting... then she goes "Wow, you've got long nails"... I've NEVER heard that before. Of course, only 2 of them are actually long. The rest are getting there...

Yay for nails!!!! :)

lew! said...

don't let them nails get too long! long nails creep me out, not sure why though.

that's all i got, i'm boring.

devon said...

lew you're not boring! lol! :D

maybe some creeeeepy girl had an unrequited crush on you in your early years, and she had creeeeepy long nails and they wig you out!

( i know somebody in just this sitch! )

pezhead said...

I like your "knee-nipple". It reminds me of what happened with my sister. She is a physical therapist, and she had a patient who had cancer I believe and basically his face was partially disintegrated. So they did skin-grafts to repair some of the damage. Apparently the chest muscle area is rich in red blood cells or something, so they took from this area. He became known as "nipple chin". He literally had a nipple on his chin. She said he even had a few hairs sprouting from it.

stacie said...

Congrats on your engagement :)
Your nails look WAY better than mine. Mine are all different sizes and shapes.